Update from Administrator – June 24, 2020

June 24, 2020

June 18 began National C.N.A. Week. There are not enough words to describe what these individuals do for our residents by keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. There are many jobs that these individuals could choose from, but they have chosen this profession due to their compassion and loyalty to healthcare. So, during this week and beyond, remember to thank a C.N.A. whenever you have the opportunity. Most of their work and caring go unnoticed but their pride is in their residents. To all C.N.A.’s out there keep up the good work and we thank you for your efforts.

In addition to ongoing virtual and window visits, we also offer very popular outdoor visits for our residents and their families.  These visits always require appropriate PPE (masks) to be worn and a social distance of 6 feet between you and your loved ones for the entirety of the visit. The specific guidelines and details regarding perimeter visits can be found on our website and Facebook page.


Please remember that the perimeter visits must be pre-scheduled to ensure safe and healthy visits for you, the residents, and our staff. You can schedule a visit by calling our Therapeutic Recreation department at 203-881-2555 or emailing us at . Our Sign-Up Genius is also up and running.


As you know from our communications, managing this pandemic has been very challenging but we continue to focus on our residents and their well-being.  We are happy to report that we currently only have no positive residents in house.  We continue to follow all CDC and state guidelines and receive regular updates on new guidelines that are offered.

As decided at our last Town Hall Meeting, we will be discontinuing the weekly Zoom Meeting.  A weekly update will continue to be sent.  If we have important information to communicate, an email will be sent to families and a Zoom Meeting will be set up at that time.  We encourage any residents and family members to contact myself-Kate Sasso-Billings or Nicole Goncalves with any questions you have about the care we are offering.  Our commitment is to be as transparent as possible and work to address any issues that arise.  This is an incredibly challenging time and we will continue to do all we can to get through this, together.  A reminder that resident-specific questions cannot be answered on our Facebook page, so please reach out to us directly if needed.

Lastly, I have some final news to share.  Our Administrator-Deborah Torrey will be retiring.  Deb’s last day will be June 30th.  Please join us in thanking Deb for all her hard work and support for these last 14 years!  We cannot begin to express just how much we will all miss working with her and all the support she has given to all departments at Shady Knoll.  Enjoy your retirement, Deb you certainly earned it!

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy! Although the weather outside is becoming warmer and sunnier each day, it is important to remember that it is still necessary to be cautious and aware that the risks of COVID-19 are still present.


June 24, 2020